Sammi Rausch.

Illustrator. Coffee drinker. Dog owner.

Flashback to this little mistress.

For more check out my Instagram @sammirausch
Cheeky little drawing.
For more check out my Instagram @sammirausch
I got let loose on my boyfriends arm. This is the mess I made.
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Q: I'm so happy you're posting things again. I'm a fan of your artwork and find you so talented.

Aw how sweet, I’m glad you noticed haha.

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Q: Hello beUtiful, have you got Instagram?

Hello, yes I so. It’s @sammirausch

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Hair hair everywhere, all I ever draw is hair!
Today I drew Wednesday Addams. 
It’s not the most detailed drawing bit you get the jist.
Still need to start the painting of this little one. Spare time is scarce these days though. Soon.
Work pals. 

Everytime I enter the stock room in work I am greeted by this creature. Is be lying if I said I’d be sad if he was removed.
My baby is cuter than yours.

He’s growing up so fast, thank god that’s him fully grown though. I simply adore him.
Black hair tho
Bestfriends 4ever